Crisis Relief and Recovery Corporate Training

Corporate Social Responsibility

Looking for ways to give back to the community? Our training provides you with tangible skills and purpose to help your surrounding area in times of disaster or need.

Emergency Management

Looking for training for your senior leadership team from experts in leading in crisis, war, and natural disaster? We can create a custom training day that suits your schedule, location, and needs.

Team Building

This training is practical, fun, and builds bonds of friendship and camaraderie that you can't get in a conference room, cubicle farm, or factory floor. Bring together a team using concepts of service and hard work.

Dave Hearn - Lead Instructor
Iraq Veteran, Security & Risk Management Consultant, Mountain Leader

Your business Force Multiplier

“In military terminology, a Force Multiplier is a tool, a technology or a weapon that dramatically increases the effectiveness of a group or team.  As experienced and expert disaster relief and crisis management professionals, we can multiply your ability to respond to local crisis, and to quickly recover from disaster.” 

your training includes

Latin for “Always Prepared”, we need to put ourselves and our loved ones in an attitude of readiness and service.  This section will help frame preparedness for your C-Suite, employees, or project team.

In this section, we give you the training in the practical skills you will need to survive and thrive in crisis situations.  Keep yourself safe, keep your your family safe, and keep your community safe.

So what happens after disaster strikes?  Here we give you tangible options to assist locally, nationally, and internationally, in partnership with CRR and our team members around the world.

Long after disaster strikes, the impacts ripple through families and communities.  Help neighborhoods and families in your backyard, across the state, or around the United States with work teams lead by the experts at CRR.

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