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Find out how you can join a recovery team serving disaster-struck neighborhoods.


Classroom PhotoA foundational weekend to introduce you to our organization and mission, to understand who we are and what we do in disaster relief and post-disaster recovery.  We cover everything from base setup, volunteer management, case management, rebuilding methods, and community care.  It is a mix of classroom, practical/hands-on, and using real-world case studies and exercises.

planningWe will work with you to determine your role on the team and desired deployment location.  Before your deployment, it’s time to tell your friends and family your new mission and help raise support for this new season.  This phase can be as long or as short as you’d like, but the quicker you get to the field, the quicker you can make an impact!
AIM operations meetingLasting anywhere from 1 month to a year, you will have time to integrate with the team already in place, and begin to slot into your role as Logistics Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, Base Operations, or Community Missionary, among others!

AIM volunteersWhen your time commitment is over, your involvement with the community and family you’ve built could continue–again, it’s up to you.  We know through experience that it’s tough to leave a place you’ve seen changed, and people that you have grown to love.  

We work with you to help train our next generation of Recovery Operations Leaders and share your experiences and expertise!

What is a Recovery Operations Team?

“A Recovery Operations Team is a group of people, preferably couples and families, that lead a rebuilding operation for communities recovering from natural disaster.  They bring skills, experience, and a family atmosphere to an often chaotic situation, and act as leaders and coordinators for activities ranging from basic construction, volunteer management, to nationwide networking.  They are often retired or semi-retired, RV-ers, or those who have left the 9-5 rat race to live a different style of life: serving others who are in need”

Ethan Wendle - Lead Instructor and Director of Strategy
Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Non-Profit Operations Expert

Your training includes:

Classroom Photo Our core values make us who we are as an organization, and help to guide our operations. Even the practical tasks of setting up a base camp, putting up drywall, installing a shower, or leading a kids’ camp are informed by our shared values.

AIM operations meetingOur training provides basic practical & mental skills you will need to survive and thrive in crisis situations.  We also integrate the skills and life experience you bring into our wider operations structure to find the right fit for you on the team.  Learn how to lead a team, manage volunteers, and bring everyone together to set and meet goals.

Team DrywallOur Recovery Operations Bases provide a place for planning, volunteers, materials, and coordination with the local community.  We will train you with the steps necessary to build and maintain a base, and to understand the various jobs necessary to complete our mission: recovery of the community.

AIM volunteersLong after disaster strikes, the impacts ripple through families and communities.  You will learn how to multiply your efforts through facilitating volunteer groups and work teams from local churches and groups as well as national organizations.  We will also discuss how to integrate the emotional, mental, and social healing for the members of the community.

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