Passion, Skill, Commitment

Why we do what we do, and what we believe in.


Our mission is to train, prepare, and deploy leaders to serve and restore communities in crisis.


Love Comes First

Everything comes from Love.  It compels us to free the oppressed and go where others can not or will not go.

Every Place Better

We believe that real impact can only be felt through long-term support.  We will stick with the task until we can say this with confidence.

Highly Trained, Self Sustained

If you can’t keep yourself alive, you won’t be able to help others.  So our teams are highly trained and ready to respond.

Power Through Partnership

We believe in making local connections and empowering them to make a difference through regional and national networks.

Grit & Flexibility

Disaster response is not easy. We approach it with calm resolution, and we are flexible in the face of chaos & change

Integrity & Transparency

We want our donors to trust us with their resources, so we promise that decisions, policies, and expenses are transparent.

Big Boy Rules

As a team member, we expect you to conduct yourself like an adult, get the job done, and be a ‘quiet professional’ who doesn’t need to be coddled or micro-managed. 



Director of Operations,
Advanced Recon Leader

Director Of Strategy,
Advanced Recon Leader

Advanced Recon Leaders

Advanced Recon Leader

Advanced Recon Leader

Evin in uniform in front of a helicopter
Medical Training Coordinator,
Advanced Recon Leader,
Search and Rescue

Support Staff

Immediate Relief Team

Communications Coordinator,
Immediate Relief Team