Immediate Relief When Disaster Strikes

We send focused teams for 1- to 2-week deployments to lead relief efforts in the days and weeks following disaster


By being a “Force Multiplier” and leveraging the compassion that exists right after an event, we can reduce recovery times for communities by weeks, months or even years.

ADVON PhotoAs soon as a disaster strikes, we head into the crisis and find the hardest hit communities with the greatest need.  We look for the places outside the main effort, where there are long-term partners who want to see a neighborhood rejuvenated.

Drone PhotoOnce located, we establish a defined area of operations, quickly damage assess the area to clarify what is needed,  and begin delivering aid where it’s needed most.

CRR Operations CenterWe clearly communicate, organize, and prioritize the needs of the community so that other organizations and volunteers can respond.  We work with national partners, local and regional governments, and anyone who wishes to contribute to the response.
Volunteer BriefingWe lead and oversee the relief efforts to ensure that order and hope is restored.  We train and deploy local volunteers, mobilize regional resources and networks to bring in work teams, and activate national partners to bring in as much resources–tangible and volunteer work–as necessary to help a community immediately after the disaster.
Ops Center Our next task is looking at a long-term recovery plan, which could mean setting up a community LTRG (long term recovery group) or bringing in CRR Recovery Operations Teams to establish a base and coordinate rebuilding and restoration efforts.


We train everyday men and women to use their skills as disaster leaders for communities in crisis.


train & PREPARE

provide relief

empower recovery

Crisis Relief and Recovery Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation and a Pennsylvania registered charitable corporation.    EIN 86-3064202